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Vital Energy is the world leading preventive medicine brand that is human oriented, we strive for uncompromised innovative products and insisting on improving a better health. The needs, the desire that immerse into the aesthetics of arts and crafts and technology, this is how we started and how we pursue the vision - Bringing you a better life through a innovative way and easy way.

Home-care furniture is our essence that has had countless efforts for over a decade, along with the development of sports medicine and preventive medicine's theory and clinic studies, many of our series and products have awarded world patent achievements, we are world leading sports/preventive medicine brand that our technique has surpasses U.S., Japan and Germany, we are highly respected and accepted for what we do in a medical world.

Bringing you a better life through an innovative way and easy way is our vision, we strive hard to transform our household furniture into a modern look, easy to use and effective home-care furniture, regardless where we are, a better health is no longer a distance, exercise isn't a burden, it is in fact, a solution, an enjoyment. 

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Brochure - Vital Energy 2016 PDF S.pdf

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Brochure - Vital Energy 2016 PDF S.pdf

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