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The Mechanism of Whole Body Vertical Vibration

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      There are three variables that need to be concerned. Direction, duration       and intensity.

1)   Vertical vibration can only have vertical force; horizontal vibration can           only have horizontal force. Other directions of force should be avoided           as much as possible.

2)   The forces are determined by two elements: amplitude and frequency,         using these two elements, you’ll get the real force through calculation,         that we call it “gravity.” (g), the force is usually controlled less than 1-2g.

3)   The longer it vibrates; our bodies will receive more pressure. Usually,            the time is set at 10-20 minutes each time; but for the more                            appropriate time is determined by the intensity and your goal while              operating the WBVV.

       The theory is that vibration will produce a response called “tonic                    vibration reflex” which will then strengthen the subsequent                            neuromuscular activities, it means that when muscle spindles receive          the sinusoid wave of vertical vibration will produce a tendon muscle              contraction reaction.  Muscle spindle is a spindle shape device within            muscle fiber, which is a special sensory receptor primarily function to          detect the change of the muscle fiber length. They convey the message        of fiber length change to our spine cord.

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   From Kids to Grand Parents

    No limitation to the sizes of your body

     There are 3 influences that WBVV brings to help kids and        adolescents grow

1.  Increase growth hormone, the critical hormone for them        to grow up or tall. Many children didn’t grow tall because        their GH was relatively low,

2.  Vibration stimulates the mechano-sensor in epiphyseal          growth plate, which can stimulate new bone formation            and suppress the bone destruction by osteolclasts,

3.  Vibration stimulates majorly in long bones of lower body        in kids and adolescents, and vibration stimulates mostly in      our lower body including, ankles, tibias, knees and hips.

     The life quality of our parents need to improve                          fundamentally

1.  At a Low level mechanical stimuli improve both quantity          and quality of trabecular bone,

2.  Trabecular bone pattern factor (TBPf) decreased,                      indicating trabecular morphology adapting from rod                shape to plate shape,

3.  Significant increase in stiffness and strength in the                  longitudinal direction indicated that the adaptation                    occurred primarily in the plane of weight-bearing.


     The increasing of the bone density, muscle strength and          reaction time, the vibration can noticeably decrease the          chances of fall accidents and thus promote the quality of        life of parents.



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We offer variety of choices, from bed to chair, from sit to stand, every single one of them serve different purposes depending on your needs. The kind of passive exercise is what we strike for, because it can reach the equal effect as the aerobic exercise with no muscle power and body coordination required. This is the solution for a person who are unable to move or the person who choose not to move

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It is Becoming a Promising Modern Medical Technology

Soviet Union invented whole body vibration to train their astronauts has its reasons

There are thousands of researches and documents about whole body vertical vibration, as it has existed for decades. Not only has it proved the fact that it can prevent osteoporosis, increase the muscle strength and coordination, but also found that it can help multiple diseases such as spinal cord injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, and Parkinson’s disease, etc.


In addition, problems like obesity, growth retardation, or functional disorders like chronic constipation, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome have received positive results through WBVV.


Vertical vibration has expanded beyond the field of sports and became a non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive treatment in medical science. It is now called the “Vibration Therapy” or “Dynamic Motion Therapy.”

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Working for Your Comfort, 24 Hours a Day

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Whole body vibration increases vertical jump ability as well as leg extensor power and flexibility around the knees; thus, prevent injury of muscles and tendons. It also helps warm- up of the athletes. Plus, loading whole body vertical vibration training could further improve muscle dynamics and mobility.


Whole body vertical vibration training has been extensively applied to athletes in various sports arena, including dancers, basketball players, volleyball players, sprinters, skate racers, skaters, hockey players and gymnasts

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